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Screen: 18″ Touchscreen
Size : 203 x 163 x 72 mm
Components : DIO IDX, Smart Peg Mount, Charger, Test Peg
*The SmartPeg is used together with the measurement instruments DIO IDx. (Sold separately)

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Correctly assessing implant stability and osseointegration is key in successful treatment outcomes. DIO IDX helps you to easily and quickly identify which implants are ready for loading and which ones need additional healing time. It is the only objective quality assurance

method that gives you an early warning if osseointegration isn’t  Requests for shorter treatment times along with a growing number of  patients with risk factors place greater demands on dentists and the available technology. There is an increasing need to evaluate implant stability and osseointegration that cannot be achieved using traditional methods such as torque and percussion tests. It requires a more advanced progressing as expected, bringing new certainty to you and your  patient.  www.dioimplant.com diagnostics tool.


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