DIOnavi DSO dental support organization

How DIO makes more DOLLARS for dentists.

You’ve probably heard by now that the innovative DIOnavi implantology system is the standard by which all other digital dentistry implants are measured. It maximizes clinician’s productivity, minimizes patient discomfort, and increases the dentist’s bottom line. Does the last statement sound intriguing? Just how much money are we talking about?

Let’s break down the numbers into language anyone can understand.

  • If you averaged just (3) implants — basically two patients per month — at a placement fee of $3,000 each. Your cost is $1,140. You’ll net roughly: $94,320 a year.
  • Place (1) full arch treatment — 1 patient per month — at a fee of $23,000 each. Your cost is less than $6,000. You’ll net roughly: $17,000/month x 12 = $204,000.Three implants and one full arch treatment a month equates to roughly $298,320 in yearly profit.
  • Cut patient visits in half while increasing productivity two-fold.

Talk to your DIOnavi dealer rep today and start cashing in on more profits tomorrow.