it’s important to know how to care for dental implants after surgery. 

In order to keep your patients’ new dental implants healthy and long-lasting, you’ll need to guide them on the proper care and maintenance. Keeping the implants clean and hygiene is rule number one. However, here are some interesting tips and what to expect after surgery.

  • After placement, it’s normal to experience some soreness and discomfort
  • For pain relief, apply an icepack to the face near surgical area. Keep in place for 10 minutes each hour, for the first few hours 
  • Refrain from physical activity and heavy lifting for a minimum of 48 hours
  • Use an electric toothbrush to remove hard bristles 
  • Avoid kinds of toothpaste with abrasive ingredients to remove stains, like baking soda
  • Scrub away bacteria on crown and bridge, floss around the implant
  • Avoid smoking. It may limit the healing process and increase the risk of infection 
  • Avoid alcohol with post-operative medications, including hot fluids
  • Limit hard food intake, such as sticky candy, ice cubes, chips, raw vegetables, etc.
  • Follow up with your dentist 3-4 times a year. This keeps your implant professionally evaluated, examined, and cleaned 


Proper care following surgery will ensure a life-lasting smile, free from complications.