What’s new in 2022? Digital dentistry. 


New year. Introducing the all-new workflow platform for dentists. It outlines each step of becoming a DIOnavi partner and demonstrates how to perform more accurate implant procedures utilizing the DIO Digital Academy (DDA) instruction and DIOnavi products. Intensely focused on the patient experience, dentists can turn to DIO for the special training and ground-breaking solutions necessary to implement successful implantations. 

By partnering with DIO, you can increase your knowledge of digital dentistry and take your practice to the next level. Through a hybrid of hands-on training and interactive online courses, you’ll gain the education to help you excel at dental implant procedures. 

Thanks to the pandemic, there’s been a huge leap forward in digital dental technology and it will continue throughout the next few years. The DIOnavi workflow enables dentists to perform implant procedures and creates a safe journey for patients looking to restore their smiles. By partnering with DIO, dentists will gain more confidence and increase profits in the following areas: 

  • Unparalleled patient experience — we understand it’s all about patience engagement. Maintaining retention and exceeding expectations require more tailored and thoughtful interactions. DIO dentists employ the most advanced techniques and new-age technology to transform dental care. 
  • A reason to trust — having an exceptional level of trust with your patients can boost your ability to aquire and retain clientele. Furthermore, trusted patients tend to accept treatments and pay on time.  
  • Increased safety measures — add more value in building trust by highlighting safety protocols for your practice regarding COVID on social media, Google business page, Yelp and your own website. Engaging patients around their dental care will empower them to promote their experience, give referrals and post reviews.  
  • A highly educational experience — the DDA provides interactive online courses and hands-on training for next-generation dentists looking to take their implantation skills to the next level. Need more training? Looking for additional surgical kits? DIO offers comprehensive courses, innovative products and stand-by clinical support so you dominate digital dentistry. 
  • Watch revenues soar — DIO provides a marketing plan and growth strategy to increase the number of dental restorations substantially. Upon training completion, you’ll be able to perform more implant cases in-house, which translates directly into profit for you. 


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